Protective Service Training

Basic Protective Operations Course

The Basic Protective Operations Course (BPOC) is an optional introductory level of training taught in conjunction with the PSB Level IV course.  This is a 50 hour (1 week) course of instruction that in addition to the 15 hours of Level IV certification training, we deliver an additional 35 hours of introductory protective operations training to empower students with a basic understanding of protective operations concepts and best practices.

**PREREQUISITES:  Must have undergone Level II and Level III training prior to commissioning.  Level III and IV applications can be submitted simultaneously.**

Topics discussed:

Note:  While "high profile operations" will be discussed to a limited extent in order to acknowledge how such details function and operate, this course will primarily focus on lower profile operations indicative of a majority of domestic details.

Course Cost: $650

Please contact us for availability!