Texas PSB Training 

Level IV

The Texas Private Security Bureau Level IV Training course is required for working in an armed, concealed, plain-clothes PPO (Personal Protection Officer) capacity in the Texas Private Security Industry.  This is a 15 hour course of instruction and provides the groundwork for basic PPO operations.  Course completion, subsequent PSB registration, commissioning would permit a candidate to function in an ARMED, concealed, plain-clothes security capacity.

**PREREQUISITES:  Must have undergone Level II and Level III training prior to commissioning.  Level III and IV applications can be submitted simultaneously.**

Topics discussed:

NOTE:  This course is NOT a protective operations TRAINING course.  This is a Texas Private Security Bureau LICENSING course.  This course ALONE does not adequately prepare a candidate for being a proficient member of a protective service detail, and candidates are HIGHLY encouraged to seek out additional training before seeking the LEVEL IV endorsement.  Please see our additional protective service training courses!

Course Cost: $250

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