Micah Hoevelman, CPP, SAS-AP

With over 26 years of practical experience in law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection (Energy and National Security sectors), Executive/Dignitary Protection, physical security, and training development/delivery in both the government and private sectors, Mr. Hoevelman has served in senior security and training roles with companies like Raytheon Technical Services Company, SAIC, Lockheed Martin, and SpaceX.  Mr. Hoevelman has trained thousands of US and allied foreign military, law enforcement, and private security teams across the globe, and holds professional certifications from ASIS, Intl. (CPP), the Arcuri Group, Ltd (SAS-AP), and is a long-standing member of the NRA, ASIS, Intl., Arcuri Group, NTOA, TTPOA, and ILEETA.


He served in the US Coast Guard as a Counter-Narcotics Officer as well as an Antiterrorism and Counterterrorism Officer where he conducted security and vulnerability assessments for several Tier I and Tier II port facilities, conducted over 850 operational VBSS and NC-VBSS operations at sea, and served as a tactical operations master trainer.


After leaving the government sector, Mr. Hoevelman continued to develop his subject matter expertise with assignments including leadership positions as Asst. Antiterrorism/Force Protection Officer for a forward operating base in Sadr City Iraq, where he was responsible for both initial and maintenance training for 125 TCN Ugandan security staff; Deputy Program Manager for a DoD project in Ukraine where he was responsible for a 25 person assessment and training staff that trained over 1000 Ukrainian Border Guards, and over 500 Ukrainian Customs Officers how to identify and interdict WMD’s crossing their maritime border.


In addition, Mr. Hoevelman has led training projects in Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Equatorial Guinea West Africa, Tanzania East Africa and Haiti.  In 2013, Mr. Hoevelman was invited to present for the Intl. Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association annual conference where he presented a class on “Counter-Terrorism for Law Enforcement” to over 200 international law enforcement officers.

Paratus Critical Skills Academy was started to address the massive skills gap within the security industry.  New regulations in response to unprecedented levels of violence in multiple sectors can no longer rely on outdated training standards and procedures.


Mr. Hoevelman is recognized/certified as an expert witness in multiple Texas District Courts and the Western District of Texas Federal Courts in multiple law enforcement and security related training topics.


Mr. Hoevelman is a proud Father, Husband, Educator, Veteran, and Police Officer, with an absolute PASSION for teaching.  In his personal time, he enjoys reading, taking trips to the beach with his family, mountain biking, and is an ardent student of human behavioral analysis.