Texas Burrell, SAS-AP

Howdy Y'all!!

My name is Texas Burrell, yes that really is my name. I am a very proud patriot, military & law enforcement veteran, and most of all a proud Texan.  I grew up on the outskirts of Houston TX but spent most if not all my free time on horse and cattle ranches my family & friends owned. My father, grandfather, uncles, cousins, and many generations of family have all served this great nation in the military and at an early age I knew I wanted to do the same. In 1985 I enlisted in the USCG, I served in the LEDET (now TACLET) division in US and overseas operations. 

Upon my return to civilian life, and living back in Houston, I just couldn't stand the big city and headed to the vast Texas ranch lands where i worked as a Cowboy, Horseman, wildlife manager and much more, to say the least I am happiest when I'm in the great outdoors, hunting is my most cherished pastime. In these times I also pursued another passion and I have over 35 years as a martial artist, master instructor in multiple styles, as well as becoming a world class athlete in the combative arts. 

Fast Forward to current day, with decades of combined experience in security & law enforcement operations and being an instructor in both fields, there is an undeniable need to exceed the level of training and professionalism we are experiencing in the security industry.  Now enter, PARATUS CRITICAL SKILLS ACADEMY.   Micah Hoevelman is the man I proudly call Brother, and he and I have set out to change the face of the Private Security industry.  Semper Paratus!  (Always Ready!)

" Son, Don't learn the tricks of the trade...LEARN THE TRADE!"   ~ E.D.BURRELL